Join Us

Interested in costuming for community and charity?

Are you at least 18 years of age? Due to to the informal nature of this club we cannot accept minors as members.

Individuals under the age of 18 are encouraged to join the Galactic Academy until they are of age to become a Rebel Legion member.

Remember, We’re The Good Guys

Costumes can be Rebel Alliance, Old or New Republic, Jedi Order, Smugglers, Creatures, Droids and any other ‘good guy’ characters.

Join the Main Forums

Whether you already have a costume you’d like to register, or are looking to begin, joining the Legion forums is your first step!

To join, navigate to the “Register” link in the middle of the “forum controls” section. Only the asterisked fields need to be filled.

Once you have joined the forum please do create an introduction post to us here in Naboo!

All our official business is conducted on the forums but we also maintain a facebook page to share announcements. We also have an instagram account to share our events.

Getting Help

The guides for costumes are varied as the characters who have appeared in the Star Wars Universe, and so if you have a very clear idea of what you want to make there are specific costuming and prop making support forums. Please feel free to browse at your leisure, members share their works as they progress as well as tutorials.

You can also ask questions in our local forums!

Costuming Requirements

As we are a worldwide club with thousands of members, we need to have a unified appearance, so that our charity and partner groups can have the same expectation of a club here in New Zealand as they would in South East Asia, as they would in Europe, as they would across the United States of America.

There is support available through the costuming forums and an explanation of the application process here. There are moderators who also process the applications and so are the best people to ask how they work.

Whether your application is quick or takes as long as is needed your forum membership remains, and other members and club officers can be there to help you.

Club Charter

As a club with thousands of members we all need a guide to help us understand what to expect from ourselves, our other members, club officers, and how we interact with those who we work with outside our club, including but not limited to children’s charities and hospitals.

The Charter is a living document, so if you have any queries feel free to contact us through our contact form or forums.

Request an Appearance

If you have any questions including potential activities please do not hesitate to email us through our contact page.